Anniversary 2018 Cache Edition: June 20th - July 17th

As usual here is a write up for the cache off of game. Please keep in mind this cache will only be around for four weeks. It is basically the return of the original Agarthan Cache that was the very first cache in SWL existence.

As always you can find this and the rest of the caches indexed here.

Mount Agarthan Wings, Faction
Outfit Agarthan Bounty Hunter
Pet Buzz Bumblepup

Epic Weapon Reward Bag Anima-Touched (prefix)

Outfit Piece (Recolor)
Agarthan Bounty Hunter boots, black
Agarthan Bounty Hunter jacket, black
Agarthan Bounty Hunter pants, black
Agarthan Bounty Hunter shades, black
Agarthan Bounty Hunter shirt, black

Canine Custodian

Recolors and Non-recolors can be bought for Third Age Fragments
At Cache Locksmith

Extraordinary Weapon Reward Bag

KSR-43 Assault Rifle
Razor’s Edge Blade
Anthology of Hemorrhages Blood Magic Focus
Warped Visage Chaos Focus
Infernal Apparatus Elementalism Focus
Sov-Tech Wrath Enhancers Fist Weapon
Pneumatic Maul Hammer
Heavy Caliber Pistols Pistols
Sov-Tech Demolisher Shotgun


Purified Talisman Distillate Bag
Purified Weapon Distillate Bag
Purified Signet Distillate Bag
Purified Glyph Distillate Bag

*Increased the amount of distillate XP gained when opening Purified Distillate Reward Bags gained from caches. The amount gained increases based on your highest achieved Item Power. Change as of Patch 2.1.5

Additional Contents:
Bag of Third Age Fragments 8-12
OR Hoard of Third Age Fragments 45-55
Pure Anima - Supreme Potency 1-2(?)

*edited due to extended anniversary dates.


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