Minons idea for all

You fight a camp. Who that beautiful thrall. Aww Rank 1 fighter. I know transform her into a minon. Minons are thralls that are weak, but don’t stay dead. You put a gem in a Rank 1 thrall. That minon don’t die. Minons can be knock out. Minons gain Rank by sacrificing thralls to minons. A player for PVP has zero minons. A player for online PVE can have 1 minon. And Offline PVE or single player can have 3 minons. Minons are equip on a player.

Minon Increase max carry wieght by 20 for each minon.

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I’m not sure about the whole minion deal, I’d prefer perma death, but there should be a way to level your slaves


Sounds like another idea for a mod.

I vote “absolutely not” for it to be added to the base game.


Thralls not slaves.

Minons don’t exist in PVP. 1 in online PVE. You don’t have to have minons. You can play Conan exiles without them I found a beautiful Rank 1 thrall. A waste she had to die.

Yes that is the PC term they chose for them, thank you for clarifying and I will continue to call them slaves

Thralls are not slaves. You don’t full loot anything in the game. You don’t get the weapons and armors of crafting thralls. You don’t get there loot. Slaves get all items taken.

a slave, servant, or captive.
plural noun: thralls

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Wrong. Slave and thrall only appears once together. Bond servant- Laborer without pay. Peon appears once too. Peon or middle age farmers work the land for there lords without pay. The Lords would then protect there peons from enemies.

Gotcha. I’ll let all dictionary and thesaurus publishers know. Thanks for the update.

Worker,Victim,Captive,Laborer,Help and Retrainer are also thrown in the group.

But the real question is, who cares, is this what you do? Correct the forums and makes sure canon only terminology is used? Lol yours are Thralls mine are slaves

My idea is to turn LV 1 thralls into minons.