Minor Bugs: Followers Don't "Stop" Right Away, Bodies Disappearing

This is on PC Game Pass, so I’m not sure if it goes here or in the PC Forum. Either way, two minor bugs I’ve noticed since the last update.

Bug 1.) After telling followers to “Stop,” they frequently pause for a moment then try to backtrack to a previous location. This usually happens when I’m in my base, so I think they’re trying to go back to the spot where I originally told them to Follow, i.e. the last place they were told to Stand Guard. It also doesn’t seem to matter if I leave my base with them and come back, because when I return, they repeat the behavior.

Bug 2.) Bodies will disappear during battle. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which ones disappear or when. Interestingly, the issue lessened or even went away when I was playing alongside my friends in an event, and it seemed most prevalent with human enemies.

So nothing game-breaking. Just little annoyances that pop up every now and then.

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Yep. I play on Xbox One X and the bodies often disappear for me too. This usually happens after I’ve killed them, which makes it really difficult to loot. Or if I knock someone out with the bludgeon and turn my back, they won’t be there for me to drag back to my base. I’ve also had enemies straight-up be invisible when I encounter them. They literally don’t show up on the screen, but I can lock onto them, damage them, or get damaged by them. Pretty frustrating when that happens.

I don’t know about dead bodies, but unconscious ones persist if they “disappear.” Just run a little distance away (about 5-10 seconds of sprinting), then come back. They’ll be right where you left them. Hasn’t worked with dead bodies, but it helps if you find a high-ranking thrall who tries to pull a Houdini on you.

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