Missing a ton of content


Playing single-player coop in North America, Canada. My wife has a copy downstairs as well that has the same problems:

We seem to be missing a lot of content that other people are using from the base game. We have the new jungle area but not Derketo’s religion, or pets, or the new religion that just came out. We’ve spent the points to unlock Derketo for example, but cannot craft or spawn from the admin menu.

Pets/hunger mechanic show up in the admin area as something you can fiddle with. However animal pens or beastmaster (not sure if that’s what it’s called) skill nowhere to be found.

I verified integrity of the game files through steam, and that checks out. We are at the latest update version according to steam.


Sounds like a mod issue. Try without mods, if that fixes the issue, then do a process of elimination.


Yup that was it. Just figuring out now which mod it was.

Thx so much Multigun!


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