Missing AA points

hello i made a petiton a few 13 days ago and send a pm to AndyB here in forum about a problem i have
i made a free lvl 80 char from my Rewards in item shop (720+days) but i the time i made the char i wasnt subbed (my mistake)
i notice that when i enter the game i was missing all the 79 experetise AA points cause there a little parenthesis in the discription that requires to be subscribed to take them
i payed a month after this to funcom and made petiton incase i take the points
anyone else this problem ?
if i knew from the beging that it requires a sub to take all AA i would sub before make the char
i really feel offended the way things works sometimes here and i really feel that i loose too much instead of gaining

I think that if you do a petition, the answer will be “Cannot help you for this”.
This has been brought up before with that answer, you just wasted it by using it while f2p.

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