Missing All Previous Battle Pass Knowledge?

Playing on Xbox. My game crashed on PVE-C server twice on launch and I couldn’t get in. I logged into my single player and found I’m missing the knowledge for the Relic Hunter Torch. I checked and I’m missing all the knowledge from battle pass Age of war chapter 2. I checked for other items in other past Battle Passes. I’ve completed every battle pass so far and now I’m missing all of the rewards as far as I can tell. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yep got that bug … yesterday. So, even before the update :rofl:

All the bazar, BP and Twitch knowledges were here, seenable in the knowledge menu. But non-active and unusable. And then it finally auto-resolved itself 30 min later for my character on private server, and 2 - 3 hours for my official server’s character.

My father was in the same case at the same time.

So this should fix itself? I hope so that’s a lot of stuff to disappear.

I finally got logged into my online server and it’s the same with my character there. All Battle Pass Knowledge and Twitch Knowledge gone. I hope this fixes itself soon.

Try relaunching the game too, that’s how I fixed the private server character (relaunched 2 - 3 times. Xbox too.)

Restarting the game worked. I have it in my knowledge now. Thanks!

Same issue. Sometimes it works, sometimes I can’t equip or build anything from the battlepass or bazaar. As others said it started last night for me as well.

Yeah the bug randomly happens while I’m playing now. I tried to pull out my torch and it said “You are not entitled to the relic hunter torch”. So this is a persistent bug.

just encountered this trying to mount my phantom horse form Sorcery Chap 1

Yep same here, now it randomly happens …

And the Bazaar change with each relog, I can see some content I’m probably not supposed to lol …

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