Missing Chest Boxes

There is missing 2 chest boxes of full of mats in the alchemy room. i wonder how is that possble :confused: …My other boxes is ok… is there anyone see something like that?

Unfortunately it seems a few other people are seeing the same thing - you might want to check out these two threads -


There are two possibilities:

  1. They Decayed.
  2. They lost stability when you modified some other part of your building.

If it was decay, you should see something like the following:

If it was stability, you should see something like the following:


its not about the decay, im sure of it :slight_smile: and yes i was changing my building skin last night but there is no connection between those 2 buildings… and i can’t see the logs cuz… i log on game and go to alchemy room for craft somethings and i saw the the mats boxes are gone… so my losts…there will be no come back to me or ??? Also i have to say its official server… (6011)

I am sorry but I don’t think that FC will refund anything. They never had done something like this before.

There is a strange bug when you replace structures. I replaced some sandstone with Arena floors and after that I was missing other parts of my floors that do not have any connection. One even had a pillar under it. And there was no log entry for this. So maybe its connected to your reskin actions

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I play on an Official server and on Wednesday 12/15 our event log showed 2 chests go into decay and then 1h 30 min later they went poof! Happened to 3 more chests about 2 hours later. I had reset the timer the previous saturday and there was no additions or deletions or picking up of ANY foundations/wall/ etc. However I did notice that this only effected chests that i had set upon a shelf and only chests that over lapped a shelf (2 shelfs next to each other and 3 chests on top)
Checked the shelf timer and it was good. I then checked the timer on all my other chests that sat on shelfs and found 6 more that the timers would NOT reset even if i opened them. I emptied them, and removed the chests. Rechecked all chest timers again and everything was at 168h. I return today to find another chest, that reset yesterday, not resetting today.
So at lkeast for me it seems to be a “Chests on shelf” issue. I am montoring the one bad chest now. Hope this helps someone.

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Then you are experiencing the same bug I am that I reported in this post:

We lost two bases to this bug yesterday, both of them had over 40 hours on the decay timers before they disappeared. One was just a farming outpost so no big deal but the other was a fully functional t3 base with a ton of loot and all benches etc. we where at both bases on Monday and Tuesday, this was on official pvp and no raiding or looting was in the logs only items changing to decayed then losing stability

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Just logged on to find another 12 chests missing. Nothing in event log. This is in addition to 9 around the time of the last update.

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