Missing Conan's Royal Armor

I am owning the game since 10th of February 2017 and should have the special armor for pre-ordering the game. But I can’t find it anymore in the crafting section. How can I get it or was it disabled by Funcom and is no longer available?

Thanks in advance.


From top of my head I suggest you look into 2 options:

  1. Please check in Steam under “manage DLCs” if royal armor DLC is by any chance disabled.

In this case I guess “check integrity of game files” cannot hurt.

  1. If you are using mods: Some mods can make certain (DLC) armors unavailable.
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Its not in the crafting station. You craft it from your personal inventory.


Thank you very much for the help.

Yep. It’s a pity having a T4 named armorer sitting in your backpack doesn’t help make a flawless version.


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