Missing Items and other bugs

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ | Bug | ]
Region: [Oceania]
Server: Private

Logged in this morning after latest patch (25/05/18) and missing 9 chests from my storage room and 1 from my crafting area incl over 2000 star metal bars.

I ran away from my base, far enough for it to have to reload when I returned and the chests are still missing.
Also tried restarting game, chests still missing.

Also missing is 3/4 of the triangle sandstone ceiling tiles over my maproom (it’s a circular room), and the balcony outside.

I have Insulated wood floors, and all the missing chests are from triangle sections

Every time I log in there are a number of floor tiles ( more often triangle) that cause my character to jump. This also happens with stairs, randomly on load. Everytime I load the game I have to run away from my base far enough so that when I return you see it reload and this seems to fix the “jumping” issue.

These are important issues for a great many people and have been ongoing for a considerable amount of time.

FUNCOM, please put some priority on these problems.

PS still waiting for a fix for the display racks not showing items.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Not sure but d/l the latest patch ???

many has problems like this i lose 1700 lbs items all my good items was on my character and after the patch i start naked from the desert my base is not raided and no one killed me some days before i lose some chests and workbenchs too the base was unraided too…