Missing necro spells?

I keep finding these spells in various info sources when looking up necromancer spells, but I can’t find them at all ingame? What’s the deal? A patch from just a few months mentions them?

These look like spells from the launch of the game, that were removed in the major combat revamp many, many, many years ago. Many of the wiki’s haven’t been updated since shortly after launch, so much of the info can’t be relied upon.

What recent patch notes contains information about them?

This is indeed from pre 1.05 or 1.06 I can’t remember if this was removed with the rpg rework or before. These spells were used to “select” which type of spells you want to use, frost spells or unholy spells - you could also feat general to use both types.

If you had Vile Insight you only did damage with unholy spells and with Dark Knowledge only your frost spells did damage.

Edit: I did some digging. My last picture with this buff was taken 23th of June 2009. I also found this picture:

So I’ll have to correct myself with the above. I don’t remember if you did 38% more damage or if you did 38% damage… I can’t remember it’s over 11 years ago :expressionless: but what I do know is your damage was lower depending on the magic rating you had. Take a look at this dot for example “Attack Rating: Unholy specialization”

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