Mistake or intended? Horses capped at 40% Accuracy growth chance

Please note, this is not a balance suggestion or discussion. I asked Ignasis where to inquire if something was a bug or by design, and he kindly told me that these uncertainties can be reported as issues and will be relayed to the team where they can answer that. So, here’s the first of several.

Unlike Thralls, I noticed all pets start with a 40% growth chance in Accuracy. Since all pets first introduced in the game didn’t use Accuracy, it stands to reason that this was a default value left that way since it wasn’t hurting anything.

However, now we have Horses, the first animal you can control that actually does utilize the Accuracy attribute. But like all the other animals, their base Accuracy growth is fixed at 40%. Was this intentional, or was it copied and pasted by mistake and Horses were actually intended to be able to grow in this attribute?

Note that the growth chance of a horse’s Accuracy attribute does seem to be influenced by feeding it the correct food (Seeds), it’s just that the base chance isn’t pseudo-randomized like all of the other attributes (e.g. Vitality can start with a base chance of around 76%).

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That is strange. Glad you caught this.

Hey @Daedalon

Thanks for sharing your finding, we’ll poke our team about it.

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