Mitra Outfit Needs Love

The forums are full of the same 20 or so people complaining constantly about everything. The majority of the community don’t even talk on the forums. My post here is a simple one. I want to see a single outfit get some love. If you want the Devs to make so many drastic changes that it’s not even the same game anymore then take it to a different post. People in here are trying to have a civilized discussion not a cry fest.

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I could quite easily accept a brand new set Mavelle. It would only need to look Hyborian in its cultural underpinnings to make me happy. It will just come down to whether or not there is a willingness to do so on the devs part. Most of the religious attire is currently reused assets (eg- Yog, Mitra, Ymir, Set), with but a couple of exceptions such as Derketo. So while I personally wouldnt mind a brand new set, it may not happen. I would also love a Crom set too (reused assets or not), but Im not going to get into that here and derail Anglinex’s thread.

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I was thinking about it and I think that only the model would need to be changed. Keep the recipe, stats, all of that and just change the look. Then it is less work then making everything from scratch.

Either way Anglinex. Im happy to just roll with the punches on this one.

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