MOAR of everything pls

Yes, this is obliviously simplified. I love this games new game mode to RTS games (I’ve not seen horde mode like this in any RTS tbh), the hordes and everything. This is something I enjoy playing alot. However, I’d wish for a bigger map with larger armies, inflated economy and a clash of armies that makes my CPU sweat.

Now you could say “Just…play endless mode” and yeah, I do. But I feel with a potential like this and considering a little birdie telling me Funcom obtained Cabinet Group last year and seemingly finally ended the endless copyright struggle of Conan.

So why not go unonquered across all of Hyboria? Or start with Stygia. Crom and Ymir, the Hyborian Lands are HUGE! HUGE! I say, so if not in this game, why not make a sequel of Unconquered with moar of everything. And maybe also a PvP mode since I’ve read lots of people be very mad about this on Steam. But then again - people on steam are always angry about something.