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Sorry if this is in the wrong area but wondering if anyone can tell me how to define what item modifiers do. So for example, Reptillian Gauntlets give the modifier “Bonus Vitality” but I can’t find a table where that attribute is defined. I’m looking to create some sorcerous items and really would like to be able to define the modifiers.

Grateful for any help!

when wearing the item go to your “I” screen. You will see it says Vitality 30 (+2)

That plus is a bonus you are getting from the wearable.

The Flawless Khitan heavy armor gives a total of +9 encumbrance, for example.

If I understand correctly you are looking for a file in the Devkit to define attribute modifiers on items? The data table is : ItemStatModificationTable

For your Reptilian Gauntlets example, the item row number is 52017. Search 52017 in the ItemStatModificationTable, and you’ll see the bonus.

The first bonus Stat ID : 13, it’s the temperature bonus. The modification value : 1, it mean gloves warm you up. If you define a negative value like -3, gloves cool you down.

The second bonus Stat ID : 14, it’s the vitality bonus. The modification value : 1, it mean it give you +1 vitality attribute on the gloves.

The other Stat ID that I know :
15 : Grit
16 : Encumbrance
17 : STR
18 : Accuracy
19 : Agility
20 : Survival


This is really good info.

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WOW! Brilliant answer… I’d looked at that table but could’t quite understand it. Many thanks!

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