[Mod] Exiled land improved



Can verify, I’m running it on my private server with no issues that I know of.


@BoogerParty Is your server open invite?


It will be, but I’m waiting to open it up until the auto mod loading rolls out.


Ok cool


One of the coolest mods out right now !

I use it since a while now, this and on my server, and in singleplayer mostly. Simply love the game-changes it makes, and can’t nearly no more play without it. :wink:

Used it also during the halloween-event on testlife, this without issues.


Discord now available : https://discord.gg/8k8UHdj


I wish Fc would hire you and all those things (in addition to you creativity) could become the base game, Kudos!


Going to run this passed my players to see if we want it on our private server - GJ Alex!


Update :

  • Fixed Dark Ritual eyes only color to match with the Dark Ritual
  • Added Dark Ritual (gold) recipe using Golden Lotus Powder

Gameplay :

  • All throwing weapons stack up from 5 to 10 to match with the next Funcom update.
  • Throwing axe throws now inflict severe cripple.
  • New Throwing knife weapons : combo attacks are the same than offhand axe combo, are also weaker than Throwing axe ones but melee attacks inflict bleed, throw inflict cripple.
  • New Throwing club weapons : combo attacks are the same than shield melee combo. Inflict sunder and throw inflict sunder and knock down.

Feats/Recipes :

When you learn Throwing axe Feats you also learn the following recipes :

  • 10 new Throwing knife recipes (stone, iron, steel, ancient, hardened steel, dragonbone, black ice, serpent-men, obsidian, star metal)
  • 8 new Throwing club recipes (stone, iron, steel, ancient, hardened steel, serpent-men, obsidian, star metal)


Hello, just updated my mod.

Fixes :

  • Fixed survival bonus for Hyena-fur armors
  • Fixed attribute bonus for Relic Hunter armors
  • Fixed running animation while using fire breath attack with Xotli Shard
  • Balanced final heavy attack on Epimetreus Staff (Divine Wrath damage down from 5 to 2,5% and recover animation is slower)

Recipes :


Very cool!


very cool effect do you think you can write a Tutorial on it… I actually want to rebalance the arrows a bit. Like Giving fire arrow and ice shard arrow a cool Fiery glow / blue frosty glow. And to make them do Fire/frost damage in additional to their base damage… because let be honest no one makes these unless if they are testing arrows out.


Server crash after update:


Yep, I recooked the mod with last Devkit build.

Gameplay :

  • Replaced Blessed Mitraen Ankh by a Blessed Mitraen 2h Staff. You need Star Metal Bars to craft and repair it. The staff have 2h spear light combo attacks and you can heal with the heavy attack combo by aim a player or an area and the projectile will explode and put an healing aoe buff (first tick will instant heal 30 HP, then 10 HP per second for a total between 150 and 180 HP). The buff dont stack with itself. You also need Lingering Essences as ammo. Finaly you can harvest corpse with Ctrl button. Healing shot consume 100 Stamina.

  • Katana kick have new animation and now knock down

  • Increased every katana animation speed by 50%


  • Increased Carpenter bench slots to 30
  • Increased Healing Wraps total heal from 40 to 100 HP
  • Increased Numbing Wraps total heal from 80 to 200 HP
  • Dual Lusttaker last heavy/light attack inflict severe cripple and I also added moaning sounds to those finisher attacks.


In order to have the best possible compatibility with the most popular mods. I’ll proceed next week to an ID change for the following items that are currently in conflict with those of the Age Of Calamitous mod:

  • 901091 Round Stonebrick Pillar
  • 901092 Round Insulated Wood Pillar

If you have buildings using those pillars, you have one week to replace them with others so that your constructions wont be affected by this change.
Thank you.


Some fixes today :

  • Dark Ritual (Frost) now have cold resistance instead of heat resistance
  • Fixed issue when Starmetal Tools no longer auto swing while holding down the mouse button
  • Added myst to Blessed Mitraen Staff healing area
  • Witch Queen can now use dodge move
  • Added more stunlock for dual swords
  • Increased Dual Lustaker combo damage multiplier
  • Increased Xotli Shard damage and combo damage multiplier for Firebreath and Fire Slam attack.


Some fixes and new content :

  • Increased God weapons damage
  • Added light to the Mitraen Healing Staff area
  • Increased Healing Essence stack to 100
  • Increased burning debuff damage
  • Revamp Dual sword light attack combos
  • Increased Dual sword heavy attack speed
  • Every Dual swords now have backflip move instead of kick
  • Added knockdown to last Dual sword heavy combo attack
  • Added 1h Xotli Sword recipe to the Herald of Xotli Feats
  • Replaced the Katana kick attack by sitting emote. From here you can charge an attack by holding heavy attack button and then unleash a powerfull combo with ligh attack button.


You can now enchant :

  • 1h sword Telith Lament
  • You can now enchant dual sword Telith Punishment
    Those weapons also have new light/heavy finisher when enchanted.

Note that enchanted dual wield weapons (daggers and dual swords) dont have any glowing particle effect because it made crash dedicated servers.

  • Fixed thrall spawn to match with Funcom WeightedSpawnTableRow update
  • Xotli weapons : to craft and to repair those weapons, you now need a Burning Heart. This item can be crafted into the Altar of Xotli with 1 Trapezoidron + 10 Burning Souls. You now have a reason to go again into the volcano Dungeon !
  • You can now find Tier 4 Fighter thrall Lexa patrolling in Sepermeru. She have a chance to spawn instead of the Relic Hunter Captain spot (10%). She use dual swords and she’s not easy to capture ! Once enslaved, she’s the only thrall able to use offhand attacks like backflip with daggers or dual sword, special attacks with Xotli and Telith 2h (Firebreath and Skycall). Admin can also spawn her from admin panel.


Hey @Alex02, this is all very impressive, though I do have one request if you don’t mind as is it possible to make your own version of a one handed Katana? As I am just curious if it is possible to make one using the resources available though if you can`t then I understand.


Actual katana moves but one handed? Or just a 1h sword with katana appearance?