Mod for hiding your helmet?

Sorry if this belongs in a different section, I didn’t see a “Mods” board in the listing.

As the title says, I just want a mod to enable a function to hide your helmet from view. Still want the bonuses, just also want to see my glorious bald head. And my girlfriend REALLY wants to see her flowing hair. I tried looking on the workshop but didn’t see anything. Anyone have a link?

I believe the Fashionist mod has that ability (plus many others):

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Okay cool, I’ll check that out. I was hoping to find one with just this function, since I don’t want like a total overhaul mod.

I believe there is a mod for just hiding your hat, but Fashionist is the one with which I have experience and would’ve recommended anyway. You can use it to hide various items of clothing or war paint, or replace the visuals with other items of clothing. But that’s all optional, each feature works independent of each other. If all you want is to hide your hat, you can use that mod to hide your hat.

And the placeable armor stand in that mod is kinda nice, you can keep your various setups in better order than just tossing them into a box or something.


Tried it out, looks good. Thanks guys!


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