Mod mismatch, but only for one Steam Family Share account on same PC

Game mode: [Online private] - Modded
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [ PvE]
Region: [America]

My STEAM account has one main account and four family share accounts. The last family share account was created today.

All of the accounts use the same computer.

The STEAM client is set up to Automatically Download and Install Mods (for all accounts).

Accounts 1 through 4 have no issue logging into the server from the PC.

Account 5 (created today) keeps getting a Mod mismatch error for IQOL 3.2.3 stating STEAM Source 3.2.0.

I unsubscribed from the mod. Restarted CE, Restarted STEAM, Restarted the PC, and Restarted the Server (I am the admin).

Accounts 1 to 4 can log in successfully, but not account 5.

I uninstalled the mod on the server, restarted the server, reinstalled the mod on the server, and restarted the server.

Accounts 1 to 4 can log in successfully, but not account 5.

I contacted G-Portal and they think it is a STEAM issue, not a G-Portal issue.

Any ideas?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Have 4 family share accounts logging successfully into a modded server.
  2. Create a new family share account.
  3. Try logging in with the new family share account - error
  4. Try logging in with accounts 1 to 4 - log in successfully

Is the problematic account subbed for the correct IQoL?

Steam Workshop::Improved Quality of Life - 3.2.0 - wrong (ModID: 1657730588)
Steam Workshop::Improved Quality of Life 3.2.3 - 3.2.3 - correct (ModID: 2275543723)

On the left side of the Auto-download screen, it shows 3.2.3 and on the left side it shows Source STEAM - Version 3.2.0 only for the new shared family account.

All of the other accounts show 3.2.3 on the left and the right side of the download/subscribe screen.

I use the auto-download so I do not need to manage the load order of the mods.

I think I found it.

Someone added MODs in a list in SP. The version of IQOL loaded in the MOD list client side was 3.2.0.

I removed it out and added. 3.2.3. I am trying to see if that corrects the issue.

UPDATE: That did not work. I removed all listed mods from the client-side, unsubscribed to both IQOL versions. Restarted the game with the same results. GRRRR

On the left side is your client version, so your client is loading the wrong mod. Have you tried setting your local modlist.txt to match the server’s with the correct ModID for IQoL i.e 2275543723

This only downloads the mods you are missing, it doesn’t sort them for you, it doesn’t update them either. What sorts them for you is the “mod mismatch”.

Check if you are subbed to Steam Workshop::Improved Quality of Life - 3.2.0 - (ModID: 1657730588)

If yes, unsub and if the folder is still in the workshop delete it from there too: \steamapps\workshop\content\440900

Then subscribe and make sure you have downloaded only:
Steam Workshop::Improved Quality of Life 3.2.3 - 3.2.3 - (ModID: 2275543723)

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