Mod mismatch loop despite deleting the modlist.txt file

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Storefront: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Exiles Extreme,
Underdark of Acheron 2.0,
The Isle of Tir-Na-Nog,
Improved Quality of Life,
Unlock Plus

Bug Description:

Connecting to a modded server leads to a mod mismatch-restart loop without connecting to the server at all. Tried a solution a dev suggested in another thread, to delete modlist and try again. This worked the first few times but doesn’t anymore.

Bug Reproduction:

Connect to a modded server

Try deleting the servermodlist.txt in ConanSandbox:


Worked for me.

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