Mod that shows owned thralls on map

Does anyone know of a mod that will display your owned thralls on the map? I keep loosing them -.-

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In fact, there is!!

You make these colored tokens that you can put in any container. I used to use them to mark new bases I made for my clan. I never thought of doing this for pets and thralls, but now I have, thanks to you!


Well that’s an interesting mod. Does it allow infinite amounts?

so were basically micro-chipping our thralls? lol i guess this won’t help me find the one i lost though T.T

every place you have one of these tokens, it will show up on the map. Yes, it will help you find lost thralls and pets. Literally watch their becon marker moving on the map as they attempt to come back home, if you did not plant them in guard mode.

Multi, as far as I know, yes. There are limited colors to create though. Something like 8.

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