Mod to display nameplates of all creatures

Hi! Is here any mod to display nameplates of all creatures not only human NPC?

What a silence?

I’m not personally aware of a mod that does this. Hosav’s Custom UI Mod will tell you the name of whatever you’re attacking/being attacked by IIRC, but I don’t think it puts an actual name plate over the mob.

I believe Tuffman is correct but I did not get a chance to log in to check. Figured someone would answer before I have a chance to play again.

I use Hosav’s Custom UI Mod. Names of creatures displayed only when i killed them and in short time. Maybe some options i miss?

Maybe, I have it set to show a damage feed. I think I had to turn that on. I’ll have to get in game to see what exactly.

@Aztec2012 Under Other Settings, Damage Indicator(Right) is what I’m referring to.

Its damage indicator and shows value of damage and name when hitting enemy. But i told about other. Nameplate like on screen for all creatures in single/coop.


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