Mod to plant rocks, iron, trees, etc

I would love to see a mod that would allow for two things.

  1. Plant or create resource nodes for rocks, iron, silver, trees, bushes, etc. Those nodes would then re-spawn when harvested, just like any other. Should have admin control to enable or disable planting and also “remove all added nodes”.

  2. Plant permanent landscape objects, like trees, rocks, and possible some of the various old towers, ruins, etc that exist in the game. Mainly the trees and rocks though. There are a lot of great trees in the jungle and oasis that I’d like to add to other areas of the map.

I know there is at least one mod that used to allow for adding trees, but I believe it is no longer supported.


Ive always liked the planting of trees and then harvesting them after they matured from some other survival games.

I approve.

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The mod you look for are emberlight , citylife and one more I can’t seem to find or recall, just browse the workshop on steam, you’ll find what you need.

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Dungeon Master Tools, Shadows of Skelos, Exiled Lands Placeables and Savage Steel has objects like that.
Though I don’t think you can harvest resources from these objects.


I’ll have to take a look at all those mods. Thank you for the suggestions. I’d seen a couple mods that appeared to be more dedicated to the trees and they appeared to be out of support. Did not think to look through some of the more general placeable mods for them.

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