Placeable trees, bushes, Rocks, even animal spawns...etc

I wonder why I cannot find a thread about this.

I’d like to have an option to place down “resources” around buildings.
We all know how foundation kills flora and fauna in their vicinity. Which is a needed feature to avoid trees/bushez growing inside houses.

But for these basic things I really would like to see an option to purposefully plant them. Like when I make a gazeebo or something and have a “garden” around it (close). No crop-plots/planters or anything just the plain old nature made tree and some "flowers/bushez around maybe some rocks.

Also animal spawns they are exists already, just alow us to put them down on will (after destroying/harvesting one or otherwise creating the “resource to make”).
For the purpose to make a “zoo” or an arena with a constantly spawning animal inside or whoevcer can think of any other useage (like creating a pelt farm or something…

For instance panther spawns seems to be a carcass of a gazelle or something like that. Kill a Gazelle could yield a “piece of carcass” resource with which we could make a panther spawn and use it as a building piece.

I think these would be cool. anyone else having the same thoughts?


i made a post about placable resources as well :slight_smile: it was more limited to things like wood and atone that are craftable, but placable trees (that cant be harvested for example) is a nice additiona s well

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I support the idea, I have also thought of the possibility of placing trees for decoration, as well as flowers and plants. I wouldn’t want them to be harvestable though, if they are for decoration there’s no reason I would have them dissapear, even temporarily.

As for animals, there’s the incoming taming system
, let’s see what that exactly encompasses.

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