Mod update bug report

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Region: any
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Bug Description:

I clicked subscribe update all. Now the orange progress bar is complete and it blinks between orange bar, striped bar, and the text “queued” repeatedly, and nothing happens.

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

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Have you tried restarting your steam?

When this happens, I go into my subscribed items in the steam workshop and ensure steam handles the mod update.
1: make note of which mod or mods are having the issue
2: go to the workshop, view your subscribed items and find the mod
3: click on the mod to open the mod page
4: click unsubscribe
5: click on subscribe

  • this should force the install of the updated mod file
    6: repeat for any other mods behaving this way

Re-launch the game and verify that it goes through the mod check successfully. wait for the reboot and proceed to play the game.

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