Mods and why they Suck Discussion and Thoughts

Greetings and salutations Exiles. This video is a little complicated to articulate in a text paragraph. So it was just easier for me to demonstrate it in a video. I know a lot of people prefer just to read the content. My apologies

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Firewall at work don’t alow your vid :confused: any sumarise ?

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I will summarize it for the reader:
The Author wishes a differentiation between client side mods and server sides mods.
In this differentiation he describes client sides mods as mods which alters i.e. UI (Content which is only useful for the single player) and Server sides mods as Mods which adds game changing Content (content which will affect every player on the server).
His purpose is to work with client side mods on official servers in supposition that these types of mods are only affecting the client and don’t need any updates in future.

My comment:
Right now the Devkit doesn’t allow to make such differentiations. The changings you’re implementing with a mod are regular integrated in Unreal engine by changing tables and altering blueprints. If a table or a blueprint isn’t changed anymore by the Devs then it is possible that also Server side mods don’t need Updates anymore.
Nevertheless you can’t play them on official servers. I guess this is what you complain with the headline of your thread. Not the mods sucks but the missing possibility to use client side mods on official servers


I’m also a long time world of warcraft addon author and wow only have 1 type of mods and all the mods are installed on the client. no server side mods in world of warcraft. your categorisation into server and client side mods in case of world of warcraft is only a feature based grouping an not a technical thingy. compare this 2 games mod wise is not working very well.

conan exiles: needs mods on both sides - server and client
world of warcraft: only has client side mods


yes the Missing Possibility is contract

this is what i want to Mod

Something to keep in mind : Some client side only mods can give players an unfair or undesired (by Funcom) advantage.

Having mods the way they are ensures that the community have access to mods (on private servers), while keeping official servers “unfiar-mods” free.

It’s the middle ground compromise on the issues mods can create.

unfair or undesired in what way can you give me an example? i dont think it possible I’m talking about customizing UI and changing the size of your Icons

i think its more about major gameplay changing mod, like warior mutator or emberlight ?
maybe you two misunderstood yourselfs^^

You can’t restrict to UI elements. Not on CE because of how modding tools and the engine work.

The Client could be modded to grant night vision by pressing a specific key for exemple. That’s both unfair and undesired by funcom.

This is a constant issue on games allowing mods. And games like WoW having a specific narrow modding possibility are the exception.

how is consuming a potion Client side? are is night vision not tied to a server function like consuming something

I think the point that some are trying to make here is that a client side mod would give a player an advantage over someone who didn’t have that mod. Whereas a mad that changes something for every player on the server is considered fair (correct?). Changing Icons could be allowable, but adding a mechanic to one player that another player doesn’t get won’t do at all. That’s the difference between client-side and server-side mods. client-side gives a thing to ONE player where a server-side mod give that thing to ALL players.

As far as comparing CE to WoW, there is no room for it. Not only is WoW a different type of game entirely, it’s an MMO. CE is not an MMO. MMO meaning, of course, a game where hundreds, if not thousands, of players are on the same server/server group at the same time. CE is structured in a way that only allows for tens of players to be on the same server, if that. It’s also a game where resources are key, where in WoW resources are optional, at best. WoW doesn’t even have a weight/encumbrance mechanic.

I, as a matter of principle, use very few mods to enhance my gameplay for any game. In the case of survival games and games where resources have to be acquired, I like to be able to pick up my placed building components in case I make a mistake or something doesn’t snap right.

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Conan is not about being fair and Customizing UI is not exploiting the game in anyway our giving players the upper hand. your reading way to much into it, and the stuff your talking about really only applies to server Side Mods… your definition of client-side and server-side is not correct. did you watch my video?

there is only a couple of ways this game is going to survive and they are Content, Mods , Community the holy trinity of any online game

here are some example of client-side in mind craft just to give you an idea. most are inventory management and UI

PS: I’m also from Texas

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and exactly this will never happen in conan exiles because it needs a completly different design of the game and the engine. you have to seperate what is moddable in a ‘client only’ mod and what is moddable in a ‘server mod’. without such a special sandbox you will open the door for exploits like the one described above that a player can activate night vision at any time at the touch of a button (because night vision is a client thing, only the needed consumable is a server thing).

especially the engine part is something funcom will never touch only to have a handful of ‘client only’ mods. the use of such a system did not justify the effort in any way


That’s the thing, you don’t need to consume any potion to apply what is a client side visual effect.

You just have to trigger the client side visual effect. And client side mods allow that. No involvement of the server at all.

There is no way to ensure the mods produced are limited to UI and not, for all intend and purposes, cheat mods. Not with how mods work on this game (and most games for taht matter)

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