Monsters/Barbarians spliting into multiple monsters

Game mode: [Online ] PS4
Problem: | Bug ]
Region: [USA]

Crocs, Rocknoses and Black hand pirates have been splitting into multiple attackers . I.E there is a croc by the anchor point near the Bildge water break camp, used to be one now its one and turns into 4, we went on a run for abysmial meat and the dafari dancer turned into 10 dancers. any Ideas.

We were playing on server 3776 but were having way to many blue screen crashes. But noticed the spawning craziness
so after a blue screen crash during a purge and the fact that the server disappeared 2x in 5 days we rented a Gportal server same problem.

Oh and while I write about this, why do the exies respawn so fast at the black galleon

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in
  2. Run past croc near bildgewater it turn into 4
  3. Raid Black Galleon, watch endless respawns

At hills and asguard doubles have been happening on half of the spawns on my server awesome bug but a bug none the less and thrall bodies have been dropping into the map when you look way. To verify this just log in go kill stuff and see the madness for yourself :laughing:


Return of the bugs!

Return? were they gone?



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