Moons of Madness Patch Notes

October 24, 2019

Patch Notes:

  • Reduced volume of intro videos
  • Fixed missing text characters in Polish localization
  • Fixed various locations where player’s movement becomes stuck
  • Fixed various instances where player is stuck interacting with an object
  • Objective Markers now only show up if ‘Markers’ or ‘Markers and Paths’ is selected (from Settings :arrow_right: Waypoints)
  • Shane now correctly remembers if he’s found his first Water Reclaimer part. Memory is a construct, after all.
  • Numbing agent no longer causes adverse effects on administering user
  • Greenhouse doors now correctly show their status after loading from a checkpoint
  • Added checkpoint to start of Power of the Sun
  • Fixed checkpoint in Chapter 3 (no spoilers!)
  • Fixed/enhanced various small graphical details

October 30, 2019

Hotfix Notes:

  • Players may no longer access the inventory while being on moving platforms
  • Wayward parts of the base should no longer appear when unsolicited

November 13, 2019

Patch Notes (version 1.02)

  • Minor fixes and improvements to collision and geometry
  • Minor fixes and improvements to various visual issues
  • Minor fixes for voice lines triggering incorrectly
  • Fixed taking phantom filth damage when walking through a door in Cave of Madness
  • Weather conditions made more consistent throughout Trailblazer Alpha
  • Cleaned up some issues with the Stalker
  • Fixed a typo in someone’s scribbled notes. Because when your mind is being consumed by the void, you’d better be able to write everything clearly.