21st of April 2020 Consoles Patch Notes

April, 21st Console Patchnotes

:arrow_right: Note: Xbox Patch for Today, Playstation will be patched tomorrow 22nd of April :arrow_left:


  • More responsive UI: fade to black on button press in Main Menu (Resume) & death screen buttons
  • Subtitles enabled by default for first-time players whose game language is not English
  • Centered startup “Loading…” text
  • Dev tool: Baked checkpoints can be loaded from cheat menu for faster testing

Wakeup Call:

  • Character can no longer get stuck in Living Area behind closed doors

Thing in the Mist:

  • Fixed stuck spot in the hole leading into the tunnels:
  • Made problematic ledge thinner and moved player placement on descent further to avoid getting stuck in geometry. Removed collider added for hotfix.
  • Fixed The first checkpoint could be reached before the Environment Control Console was activated
  • Stalker can no longer pull the user OOW through the door at the end of the escape sequence

Cave of Madness:

  • Fixed frame drop before witch scene

Eight Headed Monster:

  • Fixed audio bug in Eight Headed Monster where it keeps playing server ambience sounds in other levels as well.

Poison Tree:

  • Restored Poison Tree 6th checkpoint.

Knowledge Consumed:

  • Fixed: Cynthia’s dialogues do not trigger after putting any page found in the lecture hall away immediately when the pick up animation ends
  • Sharpened board decals in Knowledge consumed classroom.

Secret Keepers:

  • Stalker visible on biogage screen before “slightly open door” jumpscare.

Looming Threat:

  • Fixed major audio stutters