More bugs causing lost items

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Everywhere

I’ve been playing since day one (with the exception to a hiatus after the run-in with bugs causing me to lose items) and I’ve begged for something to be done. I politely asked that someone return my items here, eventually after being told there wasn’t enough manpower to facilitate this, I requested a refund. That request was denied as well with the responsibility being placed on the retailer. Now, it’s my understanding that the AI may have been overhauled and guess what? Yep. More lost items. This time after setting up my thrall (a level 20 barer, not meant to be a fighter so I knew there was risk) I ventured into the wine cellar.

I should have backed out when the first boss refused to attack and only stood there with her shield up, but I’m a glutton for punishment apparently. I continued on where things took a turn for the worse almost immediately. Every single NPC aggroed on me and my thrall decided he couldn’t be bothered to fight. I tried 3 times to return to him in an attempt to save a few valuable items on my dead body and the thrall I had spent so many hours on leveling up.

The last I saw him, he was backed into a corner with I’d guess 8-10 skeletons and wights along with a serpentman just obliterating him. I guess what I’d read about only 3 NPCs attacking at a time was actually before the overhaul instead of after. So… You implemented these new rules which you couldn’t possibly have the manpower to enforce properly and you continue to push forward with unnecessary changes instead of fixing stuff that’s been broken since day one.

Honestly, I don’t know why I even bother. If a friend hadn’t asked me to come back from hiatus it would have been permanent. This time I really think I might be done because I’m certainly not playing the game for fun anymore. I was playing to help a friend, but at some point it just doesn’t matter because it’s a game. I’ve asked repeatedly for help from FunCom and I get nothing. This is the last time I’ll be asking. Please refund my money. I’ll gladly ship you my copy of Conan. I’m just tired of giving this game chances.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Snoogans99, we’re sorry that you’ve had a bad experience with the game, however, we’re unable to handle refunds ourselves, you’ll have to reach out to the storefront where you’ve purchased your title from.

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