More control to admins

I’m sure some have asked of this before. But it might not have gotten through or it’s just not known to the ordinary soul.

I’m admin on a server that is about to startup and we are contemplating on how to mitigate the meta of spamming Explosives to break in to bases by increasing the cost of the recipes.
Atm it’s not possible to do so other then making mods to alter the recipes and that is sad! Because the more mods we are adding the more load it takes. But if Admins had access to altering the cost for recipes, or even to remove access to them on the server, it gives a lot smoother load on servers and clients.

In general a overhaul of the UI would be a grant step forward for this game!

Thank you for the time you toke to read this post and I hope it might add to some inspiration.

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A mod that alters some base game recipes would be almost negligible in terms of performance impact. I’m not sure what you mean by “load”, but it would be neither big in file size (maybe 5mb? Less than a mb, even?) nor would it have an effect on CPU/GPU for either the server or clients.

Wanting to adjust the game balance in specific ways is exactly why the game was created with mod support. :slight_smile:

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