Recipes I would like to see added to the game

1, Star metal pickaxe.
2, Oil and stone in a dryer to make tar
3, Black ice two handed great sword
4, Leather rope. To use on improved elevators
Tier 2 Armor bench able to make all the stuff that the Tier 1 armor bench makes. Similar to the way the blacksmithing Forge Works instead of having two benches. I believe this would reduce the server load significantly because it would be eliminate half the armor benches on the server.

The ability to pick up and move more items, like the dryer, basically anything made out of wood. Anything made out of stone would be permanent. I believe this would reduce the amount of items on the server and reduce server load.

Also the forge the ability for a tier 3 upgrade. Just more slots so I can pre-load it started and come back in like 5 or 6 hours. It doesn’t even have to have a

The vaults need to be reduced from a 3 by 3 Cube to a 4 x 4 Cube if completely overtaken the map it’s out of control. I know they were designed to be a centerpiece but I think it’s turned into something that is not practical. Definitely needs to be addressed

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You mean that mixed tool? Take a look at testlive. It’s there and coming with pet update.

Oh yes! But please no crappy damage. If it’s below startmetal, it will be unlikely to be used…

This is so nasty… (That we still need both.)

I dont agree on that reducing server load.
If reducing serverload was a thing funcom is after, they would delete characters after a certain period of being inactive. A vacation without logging in wont take 8 weeks I guess? Then the whole toon gets deleted.

Hm. If my last sight on vaults was correct, the vaults will go down to 150k HP anyway. I wont use them anymore. Instead I would use the space they took to reinforce walls around a storage room.
I would have preferred not being able to build too many vaults anyway.

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I am glad they are adding another mixed tool like the pickaxe!

:+1: Agree all crafting stations need to tier 3 with more storage space within. [with thralls on all stations for better resource use and speed].

Vaults should be controlled by the server. The admin should be able to set max vaults per player all the way from 0. This way it could differ from server to server and a PVE server could still “build away!” On official servers there needs to be a default limit each player can have especially on a Pvp server!

Would be nice if we had more locking storage options in between the large chest [45] and vault! [300] Maybe a 100(improved hanging locked cupboard), 150(Locked Trunk), 200 (Locked treasure chest) space option! You’re telling everyone in Pvp where the good stuff is but that’s like the vault! And put a treasure chest on the galleon would you, instead of the sorry wooden ones!

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I also wish they’d change workstations/crafting stations to have a feeding hub for fuel that all stations draw from. Kinda like the thrall feeding hub!

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