More DLC - Based on Mutant 2089

Finished now on all difficulty levels, and I need some more content right away.

First off, The Bearded Ladies Consulting, AWESOME work, but the Mutant saga is huge and there are so much things you can add. I hope to see some DLC in a very near future and ideas from the old role playing table top games from 1984 and 1989 (Gamla Mutant and Mutant 2089) can be added.

The Swedish table top gaming company “Target Games” were huge in the 80´s and the 90´s and in the genre of cyberpunk and after the holocaust, they released Gamla Mutant and Mutant 2089, it was a huge success. I have a feeling that some of the material for Mutant Zero: Road to Eden must have come from those table top games.

Target Games released four major campaign boxes for the two Mutant games and around 15 so called “Äventyr” (quest materials), there are so much that can be taken from those campaigns and put into a DLC.

I want to see more mutant characters, more mutations and they must differ a lot more then they do now. Right now there are to few mutations, and some of them are just copied onto the other characters, and that is a bit boring. We need more weapons, more ways to sell and barter in the game, and I would love to see some cybernetics in a future DLC.

I just love this game, and I pray to the cyber goods that we see much more content and soon.

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Dont limit it only to Mutant, Äventyspel´s other games have good lore to.

i agree - i would like more content, also what i think would be cool if they add more characted. bigger squads :smiley:

Honestly? I disagree OP. I don’t need any DLC. This game was enough.


Whay not use a good game system for more stuff?