More for devs, y doesnt the maproom work

You learn to make the maproom from the guy unamed city. There is a giant maproom right there. Why isnt this a functioning maproom? Makes absolutley no sense to me that it shows you what it looks like but that it doesnt actually work.


No longer powered maybe? Or was meant as …map only? And he teaches you better version?

Its Scroll room, with knowledge… doesnt seem like the place were people should be going with high traffic.

Lol it would make life a little easier than running out thru the skelly spam.

As it is an archive this could be only a blueprint. The real map in the city was destroyed. So not really a big problem. And the skeleton spam should also be not really a problem. I have bigger problems to understand why a master degree craftsman workbench shouldn’t be able to do simple stuff and I need a seperate lower workbench. Like a master Carpenter isn’t able anymore to build a chair cause of his high ability. :upside_down_face: :rofl:

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