More journey steps?

Might sound weird at first…
I dont know if new people have been wondering about it, but…
Maybe we should get things like gruel and steel as seperate steps?

It feels weird to me that sometimes we get complicated (and non working) steps just as well as the easiest ones, but no hint at there being steel or how to cook gruel. Same for getting silver or gold for the first time. Or buying something off a trader.
Flavortext at the step might hint at what to do.

There are many things that are not explicitly said.

I recently figured that

  • seed+grass+leavening plant in furnace gives bread.
  • you can eat ground crimson lotus, eat five and watch what happens :slightly_smiling_face:
  • making compost at derketos is much more convenient than regular compost.
  • pressing human meat gives blood for potent compost .

I like that a lot of things stays hidden for random discovery.


I’d like to see more Journey steps to prolong the endgame and generally keep things interesting. Such as:

  • Kill an opponent with a severed arm or leg
  • Kill 3 enemies with explosives at the same time
  • Trick-shot. Hit a target from 100m + with a bow and arrow
  • Travel 5km using elevators
  • Learn all religions
  • Tame 100 thralls

Plus, a whole host of pet-related ones to tie-in with the next patch. There are potentially loads really.


Wow! I didnt know a few of them. Thanks for sharing. :smiley:
If things arent required for progression they should stay hidden - I agree.
But a step about steel would be nice.

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Well thank you for that, was not aware of it.
Deactivated human flesh on my server per mod because it litters your inventory.

Instead I convert oil to blood at Derketo’s shrine.

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