More Knowledge feats auto unlock on character creation

I feel a starting player has it hard enough. LV 1-10 sucks. I feel these Free knowledge point feats could help Noob-Top dogs as well as solo players.

These feats should be added at character creation auto unlock from the start.

1.) All stone weapons. Stone weapons are junk, but your fists are worthless. A weapon is key to noobs. A stone weapon is better than nothing.

2.) Everything in Apprentice Mason. Lv 1-2 and can’t build a bases. Sucks if you die in a Sand Storm.

3.) Bedshaper. See no point in a skill point to unlock.

4.) Torch. It has 1 unlock.

5.) Primitive cooking. This is a survival game let me cook at Level 1-2.

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With a few more free knowledge would be helpful to everyone.