Stone weapons auto unlock at LV 1


This allows players to get a feel of what they want. This allow noobs to not be unarmed.


Since stone weapons are lowest tier weapons. It’s more useful to allow all stone weapons to be unlock from the start. This creates a new player ability to test a weapon and stick to a weapon type they like.


You can be a high enough level to craft stone weapons before you get out of the desert. With the ability to re spec your character this means while leveling you can just take whatever looks interesting. At least that’s been my experience.


You realize stone is awful. I want Noobs to become master of the weapons they use. Stone being weakest weapons and unlock from the start doesn’t make it op. This idea encourage new blood in the game. Offfering a weapon at 1 allows new players a way to defend themselves.


I think that stone weapons should be a default knowledge not an unlockable (all of them)
That way we could spend those points on better things later on, AND after a “half finished” respec we would be able to make some in a hurry if needed.


That what this topic about. That why giving players acess to stone weapon at LV 1 automatically when they create a characters improves both PVP and PVE.