More Luxury Options

More carpets, more curtains, more beds, ceiling tapestry, stairs with carpets, golden building pieces, etc. That kinda stuff.


and interior walls


I agree!

I’d also love to see a type of chandelier! Something much bigger and grander than the lights we have.
Also- Bookshelves, round carpets, vases of flowers, a vanity, mirrors, round fountains, new tapestries, ect.

And… more savage decor, using skulls, bones, and hides.


Conan Exiles:
Survive. Build. Decorate.

Well, that’s how I’m playing the game anyway. Will be posting some pictures of my latest creation soonish.

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There are so few placeables to create spooky and primitive places indeed, and while I read what you said, I scratch my head thinking about the Pict dlc :roll_eyes:.

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