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Hey, I recently came back to CE and noticed that most of the official servers are completely empty. Wouldn’t it be convenient to reset some of them with more diverse settings to satisfy a larger crowd of gamers?

We have no mayhem servers for example, no servers where the event log is turned off, and no servers where thralls move outside of raid times.

the official servers are empty because they are full of hackers. You will grow for a few days and when you find out they have stolen / killed everything with hacks

That plus the fact it will take a lot of extra maintenance time to maintain the different servers.

It would indeed be cool, but all I can suggest is finding a dedicated server hosted by players with a good set of mods/settings that fit your needs! :heart:

Also choosing the servers to be rheeset is not something everyone would agree on

People were calling for this years ago to no avail. At least half of the official servers should be culled to herd populations together. Less servers with more diverse settings would breathe a bit of life back into things MAYBE. Most ppl left because of funcoms inability to FIX things lol. Undermesh, pork thrall, item dupes, 50 stat, all these plus the many clans that have exploited these issues and trashed entire servers. The only way to get Conan back is to patch out these exploits than hard reset all servers to eliminate all the advancent made by cheating clans and put the entire game back on a level playing field. But this won’t happen because so many will whine that they will lose all progress on their empty servers 🤷


Regarding funcoms’s wellbeing, it would be best to attract a larger player crowd than just stopping people from leaving. There is certainly more potential for CE to rise in popularity and the way I see it the limited server settings on officials (max 40 players, limited raid hours) are a huge obstacle. I don’t think the game can attract anyone when a streamer is showing the idle thralls outside of raidhours.
Ofc griefing issues need to be adressed, but just giving more diverse servers seem to be the easiest and most efficient way to improve the game a little bit asap.

New blood is always good, it always attracts old blood back as well so you get a nearly 2 for 1 for the same effort. With that said, what do people want?

Quite simply, they want their cake and to eat it too. And why shouldn’t they? Lets go into that a bit further. In an ideal world, players would be able to login to a server. And challenge themselves against the dangers the game has to offer. They want a place to call their own. To build it up and to be able to see the work they put in grow as they do.

They also want to fight other players in a competitive manner. They want to see massive sieges of players assaulting one another and their fortresses and the like and to even participate.

But there’s a grim reality we have to deal with. There’s only so many ‘good’ spots to go around. Sometimes people are just going to take what you’ve spent your time on and crap on it for the kicks and giggles. The massive sieges are going to be discarded for the offline raid because it is easier. And a whole slew of other sandbox horrors are going to rear their ugly heads.

So the tricky part is getting the horrors and realities mitigated without sacrificing what we want and have. But going too far into that is beyond the scope of this thread.

To address the server diversity issue. I can agree. I’d think that less servers (less than half of what we have now) and the ability to push them up to 80 man would be a great start. Contrary to what many believe… even with 80 people online at a time. Its hard to run into someone in Exiled Lands. It really is a huge map for that number of players. As someone who has engaged in active PVP, it can take up to an hour to find someone. Especially if people are avoiding contact.

I would recommend about 50 servers tops at 80 capacity each. Assuming server hardware could handle it.

Then we could look at adding a few servers based on different settings and themes on top of that. Because lets be honest, if you have servers with temporary rules and seasonal stuff. People are going to dual server. They’ll play on their home server and a seasonal server. Which is great. It gives people options if their favorite server is full.

why do you guys act like pvp servers is the only way this game would live? There are many people who play this game for the RP aspect as well as just liking to build an amazing city or castle :/.

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Maybe it’s just a case of there being more active forum members that play PvP? I don’t think anyone is intentionally not mentioning PVE or RP. Most PvP servers I’ve been on have somewhat of a light RP going on between clans intentional or otherwise. I play both, have an entire village on an official PVE server that I’ve been adding to for years. I’m also on a number of official PVP servers. I just don’t have much to take issue with on the PVE aspect of things. I mean sure there’s a plethora of bugs but most of them are barnacles now and probably not going anywhere. I guess there’s just more game breaking issues prevelant in PVP. I wouldn’t worry though mate, Funcom is extremely dedicated to their RP fanbase. They are probably the largest contingent of current active players anyway. Official PVP servers have tumbleweeds rocking through them.

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ah ok, i was getting worried cause mostly everything about how “this game is doom or dead” to everyone wants to quit or this game is so bad and i’m just sitting here on my pve-conflict server having a blast and am like what is everyone talking about i think this game is great :frowning:

Roleplayers have been some of the most hardcore PVPers I have seen in online games for the last twenty years.

Yeah, people do act that way. Thing is, if PVP hackers were the only problem then only the PVP servers would be empty and the PVE servers would still be booming.

But they’re not.

This is a good point.

From my personal experience when I’ve tried officials, the performance was just too low for me. I’ve been spoiled rotten by consistent 30-60+ Server FPS versus 5-10. And you can tell the player who’s never tried the private server scene. They simply don’t know what good server performance feels like. If they did, they’d never look back.

Well many have tried it and thus not looked back. The game experience truly couldn’t be more night and day.

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