Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018)

Roof gone because Vertical/Diagonal Support Beams dont give stability support anymore.
Why? for builders like me those beams was a send from heaven.


Single-player server, no mods

Have experienced many of the same issues as others, like avatar missing on inventory page (but not stats page) and the timers on the consumables not working as intended, but also wanted to include:
—Character is locked in perma-strafe, with the right analog stick’s camera attached to the back instead of separate as before the patch; it’s like the auto-target is always on now, and unless in vanity mode, cannot rotate to see the front or sides of the character
—All the items in the Admin Panel are no longer in alphabetical order
—The framerate is particularly poor, and stutters every few seconds, even in open territory away from large structures; the last time this happened to me after a patch for an online game, it was discovered that data collection software had been added unbeknownst to the player base, and once removed, the framerate and stuttering disappeared. Is it possible this is the case here?


Also seeing the Containers Ignore Ownership (but don’t) issue.
Strangely the Quickloot menu (when you aim at something) still works on “Open” containers.
But not locked ones.
Dropped items (Loot bags) also give a “You don’t own this” message.

Update: After some checking, it looks to be CE itself. I don’t recall reading about a change to “Containers Ignore Ownership” in the patch notes.
This was confirmed with a fresh server install through G-Portal.

People are seriously complaining on the serer I am on however, it does no good to talking about others, so here is what has happened to me:

I have lost all my thralls that were standing on anything other than ground.
The expire timers are seriously messed up and appear to jump every 4 seconds.
“b” no longer brings up the who’s online list.
I spawn into foundations or roofs.
I cant seem to give anything to anyone

This was really a bad idea. I really want to like your game, its fun to be part of a community, but when you cant even give anyone anything and are starving to death because the timer on your food is bugged, it makes me think the money I threw on the game and on the DLC was a poor decision. I want to like your game I seriously do, but for pity sake you seem to be more concerned with someone exploiting something minor than you do huge bugs. At least that is how it appears, please prove me wrong.


Black warpaints are green, Weird vibration when runnin or turnin, Chat box engagement turns screen black, ADD MORE EMOTES FOR ROLE PLAYERS… HAIR would be nice too…

Logged in and logged right back out. I love this game, but I feel like you fixed 100 things and broke 300.


Same. Lost a chest full of mats (three large chests on wedge foundations, one despawned before I logged in, second despawned when I disassembled a nearby well on other wedge foundations - did manage to save the mats from it), a blacksmith chest, a grinder, and a large campfire. Event log shows nothing. I’m really enjoying this game, but I’d heard the talk of bugginess. Sad to see it was more than just griping. I don’t want to tell you guys how to do your job, but perhaps you should be focusing on getting the base game to a workable level before doing DLCs?

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When I wake up tomorrow, there f-ing better be a patch to AT LEAST fix the bugs YOU ADDED.

  1. Timers of all sorts skipping, can you not count?
  2. Thralls disappearing, already lost thralls with silent legion armor and star metal weapons
  3. Crafting stations disappearing
  4. Spawning into foundations
  5. NPC AI

These are quite literally GAME-BREAKING bugs.

Oh, and this is literally the worst patch I have EVER seen. Fix your trash


2 of my T4 archer died from falling through ceilings. They where place at a high tower on our base.

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Gluttonous Gains (vitality perk) still doesn’t work.

only the grandpa of all rollbacks can help us now


Well before the patch my thralls would fight the monsters attacking the base/me just fine but now it seems they dont really care. Also every time I try to build something new it almost always just says it is overlapping with something. Why are you people making me rethink the 8 out of 10 I gave you. My brother bought this game because I told him about it and I even bought a steam copy for a friend. Please please fix the Thrall problem. if anyone attacks our base the should really should do more then just wave at them.

To clarify: I understand that you can’t just pull all the art people off of doing DLC work and throw them at bugfixing, and I understand that you can’t just have the art people do nothing for however long it’d take to fix things. That said, the game has a reputation for being unstable already, and you must understand how bad it looks to be asking for more money for secondary addons when the base game is known as having so many issues.

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Righto so problems with people unable to join multiple servers that have mods even tho mods have been updated and are in the correct order and servers have been updated and others have been able to join just a select few can’t.

I do have to say, having every single thrall at the black galleon spawn as a level 4 or “named” has been good for our thrall farming.

Can’t place wooden spikes anywhere since they give clipping with terrain error. Thrall falling through foundations. Timers on consumables sporadically jumping around. Berry juice only refilling 1/10th of thirst.

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This game should have never left early access. If I knew what kind of trouble this game would cause me I would have never bought it. And I bought it twice; once for myself and once for my fiance.

I am very disappointed and frankly I want a refund; but I spent 10 hours mining rocks essentially so steam isn’t going to give me a refund.

At this point, a rollback would make me happy. However, I realize that at this point a rollback is very unlikely. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely I will continue to play the game until it receives the polish it needs to be enjoyable.


Thrall collision with player structures is acting like a “no clip”. I tried re-placing my thralls, they always fall through the floor. My base is atop a water area so they didn’t die, but sadly I can’t find some of them.

I tried getting one to follow me inside my base but they just fell through the floor again.

Also, found out the Map Markers got reset and for some Journeys as well but dying and reviving seems to fix this. RIP Warpaints.

I have encountered alot of these same bugs on my singleplayer gameplay.

Blur when moving.

Freezes at random times.

My named thralls who were not near me during the last logout and then login after patch are just performers…
Some how because they are bad ■■■ the Black hand captain did not get switched from being said bad ■■■ to weak performer who only has 100 health.

I was one of the testers during the event and I did not notice these or alot of the other problems effecting us as players right now. Lol I dont think the bugs are going to make me quit this game. Ill probably log right back into it after this post. I just wanted to bring this kind of stuff to your attention.

I have read posts above reporting the movement blurring; however, I am also getting a massive blurring of the NPC corpses when I kill one in a non critical fashion.

I recreated the problem in multiple lighting situations, as well as going into a cave and into buildings.

I removed all mods, as well as trying all of the graphics settings. One note, changing the graphics settings did remove the blur effect on roughly 30% of the kills. I could not reliably recreate the graphics settings change.

As I just created this account to post this report, I cannot upload the images to show the issue. Its only visible, so the game is technically playable, just very ugly.