Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018)

Good job Funcom! Now not only do thralls on follow still sink through foundations as they have been since the big pre-release patch in April but now many thralls standing still do so as well! Good job…FFS, what a sht show.

I say STOP FUNCOM WITH YOUR MATERIALS. That’s enough, already the ice picks are boring to them and now you’re doing the same thing for the obsidian pick. But stop, that’s enough. I spend more time looking for materials for my pick and weapons than doing my build. So Funcom you are nice but STOP. First try to solve the game’s problems instead of annoying people with your s**** materials (obsidian bars). It was great before, we could farm without going through the box “volcano”, and then there is the fall. If I find the idiot who said “guys we’re going to put obsidian bars to piss off people,” I’ll tell him he stops his job and stops drinking.


So what is going to be done about the griefing that has already occured. Sure now people can’t build around obelisks now, but I still can’t attune near Sempuru because there is a huge wall with an anti-climb fence at the top and it’s a PvE server so no way to destroy. You really need to think these things through better Funcom. Hire better tester who will actually test for exploits and ways to grief. I want to be able to attune!!!

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Well, what can one say? Everytime I recommend Conan Exiles to a friend funcom does something that brakes the game even further… let’s see:

  • Markings on the map and journal steps are gone.

  • Thralls fall through the floor if you alter your base or demolish something (I guess this was supoused to fix the weird bug in PVP in which you destroy your enemy’s base and the thralls stay floating in the air, but it clearly needs further testing).

  • Horrid blur around the character when moving (who did this and why?).

  • Character model is gone from inventory.

  • Random time for items (torch when from 3:00, to 1:45, to 38, to 5, to broken in a matter of seconds…)

  • Non functioning NPCs (Enemies DO NOT attack, and if you attack them, they have inconsistent AGRO, they follow you for a couple of meters, then stop by you and stand there doing nothing)

In other words, this is way past the “unplayable” mark. At it current state conan exiles is simply not a video game in any shape or form… more like a graphical showcase without any playable aspect.

The only 2 things that put a smile on my face from this patch, was the main menu animation and the new animation when you finish climbing something…

I love this game, been here since day 1 of early access, invite 5 of my friends to buy it (only 1 besides me keeps playing it…), and I have recommended it to all the people I know. But funcom keeps getting things wrong.

To my friends at funcom: Please, if any company is reaching to you offering Quality Assurance, Costumer Service, or any other kind of help (3D modeling, lore writing, consulting, coding… ANYTHING) please take it!

This is just an excersice in greed, you guys are doing this game 100% in-house, and you clearly DO NOT HAVE the man power to keep it alive. This game is bigger than you anticipated, you just cannot keep going about like you have in past projects. I saddens me to see the Steam score going donw bit by bit as the days pass. You are a greeat team of profesionales with a beloved licence, and a huge fan base right now. Don’t let greed blind you of your comitmment to your costumers and fans. Get more people, get help, outsource some things (Specially Quality Assurance and Costumer Service) while your core team work in bug fixing and new content (or the other way around).

This game have the potential to be a great live service, but you keep making the same mistakes that you did back in early access. the game is out, and you guys CANNOT have this kind of mistakes at this point.

Please funcom, change your strategy, if the “all in house” strategy is not working out GET HELP! after the 1.4 millions copies that you keep remainding us that you made with this game, I’m sure budget is not the issue here.

Best of regards and sorry for my bad english.


Folks on our server have had this issue (pre-patch) it seemed to happen when logging in or zoning into a sandstorm or when a sandstorm was soon. Think it has to do with how weather loads when you zone/log in.

Workaround: always have your mask on you and if you are taking damage and see the debuff, pop that sucker on. (We call them in Discord so we generally know when a storm is on the map anyway)

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uhh. yea. I really have no idea whose bright idea it was to completely destroy obsidian but I certainly don’t appreciate it.

I can live with random bugs. Unlike most here. But when you start doing crap that makes my game experience worse on a basic level as farming resources, than we’re going to have a problem.


It’s not the patch. It’s global warming! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Confirmed Login bug (foundations) - crashes on UI’s - most Mods are somewhat or badly broken. AI is broken. Epics and Obsidian are more expensive (and having to visit the volcano just to make repair material for obsidian is annoying as heck as a mechanic - remove that - it’s ridiculous and Obsidian weapons and tools have garbage durability already - needed no additional balancing).

Overall, I REALLY wish I could rollback. I JUST paid for a year on your providing partner G-portal and it makes me very upset that you roll out such a bug-ridden patch. please hotfix ASAP. Don’t know why we haven’t received 2-3 hotfixes since it dropped already…

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Someone reported on Steam forums that they saw that armor’s temperature properties are not being removed properly from player character when you swap armors, which leads to a stacking amount of extra temp increase/decrease with subsequent armor swaps.

AFAIK, armor’s temp resistance properties is like an offset that gets added/subtracted from the current env temperature to determine the actual value to which your PC is being exposed to, so that might explain why people is having these weird issues.

I redirected the poster on Steam to post here on these forums, so hopefully we can get more info on this.

My 2 cents on the missing items/rollback cries.

The mesh change was a good thing, but people were not aware of the consequences. Maybe roll back and hotfux out the foundation improvement til the next August patch. Then warn folks in advance to live their stuff off of the triangle wedges.

Or, have the new mesh wedges be a new item ID and leave the old ones ‘as is’ but not craft able or spawnable going forward. (This would be assuming you do a rollback, which is sort of a damned if you do damned if you don’t kind of move. People will complain both ways.)

I don’t play on official so my thoughts may not be worth 2cents. But there they are. :slight_smile:

Roof gone because Vertical/Diagonal Support Beams dont give stability support anymore.
Why? for builders like me those beams was a send from heaven.


Single-player server, no mods

Have experienced many of the same issues as others, like avatar missing on inventory page (but not stats page) and the timers on the consumables not working as intended, but also wanted to include:
—Character is locked in perma-strafe, with the right analog stick’s camera attached to the back instead of separate as before the patch; it’s like the auto-target is always on now, and unless in vanity mode, cannot rotate to see the front or sides of the character
—All the items in the Admin Panel are no longer in alphabetical order
—The framerate is particularly poor, and stutters every few seconds, even in open territory away from large structures; the last time this happened to me after a patch for an online game, it was discovered that data collection software had been added unbeknownst to the player base, and once removed, the framerate and stuttering disappeared. Is it possible this is the case here?


Also seeing the Containers Ignore Ownership (but don’t) issue.
Strangely the Quickloot menu (when you aim at something) still works on “Open” containers.
But not locked ones.
Dropped items (Loot bags) also give a “You don’t own this” message.

Update: After some checking, it looks to be CE itself. I don’t recall reading about a change to “Containers Ignore Ownership” in the patch notes.
This was confirmed with a fresh server install through G-Portal.

People are seriously complaining on the serer I am on however, it does no good to talking about others, so here is what has happened to me:

I have lost all my thralls that were standing on anything other than ground.
The expire timers are seriously messed up and appear to jump every 4 seconds.
“b” no longer brings up the who’s online list.
I spawn into foundations or roofs.
I cant seem to give anything to anyone

This was really a bad idea. I really want to like your game, its fun to be part of a community, but when you cant even give anyone anything and are starving to death because the timer on your food is bugged, it makes me think the money I threw on the game and on the DLC was a poor decision. I want to like your game I seriously do, but for pity sake you seem to be more concerned with someone exploiting something minor than you do huge bugs. At least that is how it appears, please prove me wrong.


Black warpaints are green, Weird vibration when runnin or turnin, Chat box engagement turns screen black, ADD MORE EMOTES FOR ROLE PLAYERS… HAIR would be nice too…

Logged in and logged right back out. I love this game, but I feel like you fixed 100 things and broke 300.


Same. Lost a chest full of mats (three large chests on wedge foundations, one despawned before I logged in, second despawned when I disassembled a nearby well on other wedge foundations - did manage to save the mats from it), a blacksmith chest, a grinder, and a large campfire. Event log shows nothing. I’m really enjoying this game, but I’d heard the talk of bugginess. Sad to see it was more than just griping. I don’t want to tell you guys how to do your job, but perhaps you should be focusing on getting the base game to a workable level before doing DLCs?

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When I wake up tomorrow, there f-ing better be a patch to AT LEAST fix the bugs YOU ADDED.

  1. Timers of all sorts skipping, can you not count?
  2. Thralls disappearing, already lost thralls with silent legion armor and star metal weapons
  3. Crafting stations disappearing
  4. Spawning into foundations
  5. NPC AI

These are quite literally GAME-BREAKING bugs.

Oh, and this is literally the worst patch I have EVER seen. Fix your trash


2 of my T4 archer died from falling through ceilings. They where place at a high tower on our base.

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Gluttonous Gains (vitality perk) still doesn’t work.