Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018)

I appreciate your pain. As a solution, could you not sure-up your walls using fence foundations, then remove the foundation blocks to recover the thralls?

I only ever use a single layer of foundations then build walls trom there on. I hate the look of tonnes of stacked foundations.

Undocumented Change: The Khitan warpaints now have color.

Note: For object item/disappearances. We have observed these only on T1 sandstone and T3 stonebrick wedge foundations. I think this is due to the mesh for this foundation being made flat. Prior it was difficult to align and place on these foundation types. I am not having this issue now. I think when the meshes were updated on the servers anything that fell into the old mesh was considered invalid and destroyed. This may be also why it is affecting some but not all players. (Small price to pay for a finally flat foundation going forward. I’ll take it)

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So many people asking for a rollback and the devs are gona sleep on it. The longer it takes to decide to rollback the more people you are going to annoy. I don’t think we will be seeing a rollback.

I can’t invest anymore cash into this game if this is how they are going to handle things after full release. I accepted it in EA but I expect more from a fully released title. You are going to have to do something pretty significant to regain my confidence funcom.


I don’t think you’ll see a roll back mate, it would have happened already. I know it hurts, but try to figure out why your building did not survive, many did.

I have done a check on all my bases (still g-portal, private, pve, no mods server).
Can confirm that absolutely all cupboards/chest/armorers that disappeared with the patch were placed on triangular foundations. No exception.


Bug: The Advanced weapon skill ‘Halfmaker’ which is related to spears no longer crafts to component needed to make spears. The spear recipes (from what I have tested) now require the ‘Spear Handle’ which is made by the thrown weapon crafting ‘Shaftmaker’, rather than the ‘Long Handle’ which is part of the core skill.

This was not the case prior to the patch. Though I see the logic following the naming convention, you should be able to make the components needed for the related weapon as part of the skill that gives you access to those weapons. (as it was pre-patch) Perhaps the thrown spear handle should be a ‘light handle’ rather than ‘spear handle’?

Edit: This is affecting the star metal spear, serpentman spear, dragonbone spear. It is not affecting all two handed spears. It does not affect the Khitan spear or obsidian spear.

Happened to me exactly as you say. Had to break foundations to scape. And I´ve lost many thralls.

lotus potions are not bugged. They just have a 2 minute expiration timer.

If I log out standing inside my building, Im stuck in a foundation when I log back in. Journey resets on every log in, have to kill yourself to restore, log out, back to Climb, Eat, Drink. Repeat. Cannot see body to reclaim items on death. Some intermittent Cupboards, Chests, Blacksmiths, Fluid Press etc disppeared completely, not destroyed. Vertical and Diagonal Support beams now completely Decorative (not a bug it appears) but still really pissed me off considering i had a lot of stuff supported by them. Very unhappy.

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You may be right with this as a rule. My concern is that the players who couldn’t see the storm claimed they were taking damage from it.

Nope i have this too, here is another screenshot: 20180706001749_1

weather doesn’t matter in my case.

They are bugged! You make it and 30 secs later it is gone! Has to do with the fast timer bug that goes with food and drink. Yes the potion does have a 2 min timer. But it isnt working right.


BTW, swimming still consumes stamina. So add that back to the list of bugs to fix in the next patch.

I should mention this is on Official 1504 server. Also, my torch was full at 20 minutes and it ran out in 2 minutes real time.

SERVER TYPE: Private / NO WIPE x3 Harvest / MAX 70 players
REGION: EU / Spain

Here are the issues and problems I have seen that this patch not fixed or added as a new bug, also I put a mark for the level of need to be fixed (MAX LVL +++ fix asap!!!) (MEDIUM LVL++) (MIN +):

    -A lot of lag, loading times on textures and structures on relative large player buildings. (+++)
    -Overall performance seems to be more or less the same -With spikes but running good most of the time unless on large structures-.

    -Items vanished, a chest full of crafting resources, a crafting station, their content and their thrall. (+++)
    -Lotus potion disappear from the container they were before (+)
    -When connected to the server I appear under the floor of my house. Need to destroy the floor to get unstuck. (+++)
    -Beri -named/ legendary blacksmith- doesn’t have the recipe for creating reparation kit for legendary weapons. (++)
    -I cannot place almost anywhere the spike walls. It says it collides with another terrain object. (+++)
    -Duration of consumables -food, torch- is broken -way to fast- (+++)
    -Map markers disappear (After death it go as they were before)
    -Journal resets (After death the progress is restored)
    -The weapons and shield racks are useless (For me doesn’t show an inventory to put anything)(+)
    -Thirsty and Hunger meters go down faster -intended?- (++)
    -Temperature status seems to be at much higher rates everywhere now -intended?-

  3. NPCs
    -AI of thralls is horribly inconsistent, don’t exist, they are like mannequins. They constantly unequip weapons, don’t move well, don’t attack, don’t agro. They do nothing. (+++)
    -Placeable thralls -fighters, carriers, performers, dancers, archers- fall under they were before, some of them getting stuck on floors, walls or items (+++)
    -Enemies stuck on the ground, falling under the ground, mostly the ones with big horns or bodies -like rhinos-. (+++)

The thing you should focus on ASAP is the AI for thralls, they are so broken and useless. All placeable thralls (dancers, performers, archers, fighters, carriers) are broken. Enemies AI also need to be revamped.
As someone commented that the spawn rate for legendary/ named NPCs is so high, for me is OK. For example on The Den before the patch, I wasn’t able to get legendary armorer or smelter before, and I went there almost 30 times.

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Yeah this really ticks me off because my brother and a friend went to kill the Devil in iron for the first time 2 days ago. when we got back to base I was able to make the gloves and the helm but now because I need star metal I cant. we havent even seem that yet. >_<

Update from an Official PVP Server for the NPC / AI Behaviour Bug:

It’s gone since 3-4 hrs, the AI is now moving correctly and attacking from itself again.

They a bit like evolved from standing there, to, atleast looking into player direction, afterwards moving into their direction but loosing quickly focus, to, normal attack and charge to player in the timeframe of the last couple hours

Even though I have “Containers ignore ownership” checked off and true in my server files no one can access the crafting benches.

Walls and fence foundations still don’t snap onto foundations for journeyman and master mason building blocks… apprentice mason, walls snap to foundation blocks but not fence foundations.

I have a question, do you guys actually test stuff properly before saying what is fixed in the patch?

Fence foundations SHOULD be attachable to regular Foundations and Wedge Foundations

or does it mean if you use the word SHOULD that it doesn’t have to be tested because you merely think something MIGHT have been fixed but wasn’t actually looked at all…

How the hell did you break everything with this patch?
-Starmetal ore can’t be farmed right now
-character preview missing
-Warpaint lasts no time at all yet costs as much as 1-2 bombs to make (not a bug I assume, but not worth it now)


Nope happens to me too and i have t3 back ice foundations