Mountain residents

With regular, npc, mob, self-thrall landing, these elements are getting more and more dense, in other elements, buildings, mountain rocks, and so on.

@Blob1983 Please read How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ)

Could you also specify the location at which this happens? I know there is a campfire location against a cliff where this also happens:

See also (for devs): Purge NPC's stuck inside inanimate structures, bugging the purge

And they can get stuck in anything judging by other forum posts.
Sidenote: It looks like this issue has not been looked into.

Edit - from SweetiePy (PC):

932.96 2,422.68
is the place by a bonfire… might be the spot you were thinking of…

They glitch into this rock in front of me… co-ords to follow

1.309.24 1,651.08

that rocky lump that my head is in front of. co-ords to follow.

1,258.84 : 1,617.16

That’s the ones I can remember offhand… I’ll let you know if I experience anymore. I hope this helps.

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