MULTIPLE immensely irritating issues that may or may not be bugs, depending on your definition; issues that should at least be a priority higher up on the list to correct than lesser ones that have

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online private (although I’m sure this is true of the other play types)

Type of issue: [Enter one of the following?] No – These involve Crashes, Bugs, Performance, and Misc

Server type: PvE

Region: N/A

The following are just a few issues that I’ll be listing for now, and include bugs and simple room-for-improvement items:

    Dead trees should be giving out dry wood far more often than they are giving out branches. I know I can obtain lots of dry wood via another way that I just discovered while needing to believe there’s an easier way to obtain it (which I won’t mention for spoiler’s sake). But I thought it’d be fun going to do some desert visits to harvest the troves of dead trees.

^Bug: Pets often get you cornered or simply step ‘into’ you, thus often making it almost impossible to break free without a buddy to come grab your pets off of you. I haven’t used every pet in the game, but experience says that elephants and mammoths – mammoths ESPECIALLY – need to quit their habits of basically stucking me… though I will never use the admin powers, I do get tempted at times. I recently lost my level 20 caravan elephant to that one lady of the arena who must be related to Goku from DBZ, so I started using a mammoth. The elephant had some odd pathfinding issues, but the mammoth’s pathfinding seems just atrotious. He also ignores my order to STOP after only a few moments while I"m trying to fight something aweful that I don’t want him getting into – mostly because he just stands all over me and I can’t move around until I can deal with him again. So, yes, the command system needs to be fixed.

As far as the command system goes, it’s in need some much more attention than many other of the more minor things that have recently received attention. Not criticizing! Don’t take that the wrong way. I do beg. I just mean that when you command a breast there needs to be no change in animal activity between commanding from horseback to dismounting. I often have to run over and manually ask him to follow me again or he won’t follow any directions. Simply because I got off my horse.

I’ve noticed that my horse now starts to run away during battle while I"m on foot. Why doesn’t my elephant run away?

SUGGESTION: If you guys feel like working on more exciting things than fine tuning the pet command system could you perhaps think about adding a button underneath the ‘remove bracelet’ option that you can push when you’re hopefully immobilized by your pets?

Also, I love my new mammoth. I’m getting used to the fact that he’s constantly in the way, but it does make me understand why you guys made elephant pets smaller. I had a MUCH easier time traveling with my good ol’ caravan elephant because of his smaller size. But I’ll get used to it. One thing that does irk me a little bit with my mammoth is that i basically have to move into the center of his body before i can access the inventory on him. I"ll be cliking parts of his body trying to get in there and instead he’ll just keep moving around because clicking on him, even from a very close, but not close enough, distance simply gives him commands to run around. Anyway, can I please just grow long arms or something so I can quickly drop loot onto him without practically having to be in his belly to do it.

BUG: My brother hosts the two-man private server we play on and there are issues that occur that may be happening because of the fact that he’s only running on 32GB RAM. This includes, usually after quite a while, my inability to see and vegetation, animals or rocks after a while. I’ve noticed that when we are dragging back prospective slaves with our leather ropes he often takes the lead and his rope will just be going crazy. It’s distorting, bending, flying in every which direction, and that seems to precede soon-to-be starting issue with me bumping into invisible things, while still seeing most things, and then it worsens from there. Eventually the landscape looks like a world that’s been picked bare by the crystalline entity. A restart of his server gets things back to normal, at least for a while.

Something that happens to be brother only, and I’m assuming it’s something explosive to the host, as it’s never happened to me, is that when we enter a dungeon I seem to enter with no issue or problems, but he will sit there moaning that he’s stuck again. It happens 100% of the time when we enter a dungeon. He’ll often be stuck partway into the ground with half his legs missing and will be rolling around and complaining and moaning and cursing that he’s "G***AMN ********* sick of getting stuck each time. I like to rub it in and beat the crap out of him while he’s helpless and I repeat that it’d be so great if I could just keep him stuck there forever. After about a minute or two he finally does get lose for some reason.

BUG: KNOCKING OUT A SLAVE-TO-BE ONLY TO HAVE HER/HIM FALL THROUGH THE GROUND AND VANISH UNDER THE MAP. Doesn’t happen super often, but it used to annoy me more before my brother the admin would run over and tell me I’m blind because the person is lying right in front of me. Well, I saw her literally take a backwards swandive off the world completely. Now shutup and grab her. And no, this isn’t specific to just one location.

I’ve put together a list of issues that could use a little TLC from you guys, but as you can see I don’t settle for simply making bulletpoints. Seems like adding some context to things may or may not help rather than simply getting vague, vanilla bullets that could possibly just leave you wondering how vagueness is going to help you more than a bit of explanation.

Anyway, time for me to take a break and go for a walk around the block before coming home and doing interesting things…well if I"m lucky that’ll be the case. I will post again with more complaints/reports/paragraphs galore for dropping dead those who see paragraphs galore and, well, faint. In all honesty, I’m just curious what kind of response, if any this post will get. I honestly don’t know if anyone is going to ready a forum newbie’s complaints. If not, silver lining is at least I don’t have to hurt my fingers anymore.

Have a great day/weekend everyone.

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