Multiple Steam accounts on same PC: char killed by server at wrong timeframe

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict (1037)
Region: EU

I have two Steam accounts one for me and one for my daughters and both of them own a copy of Conan Exiles, ususally we use two different PCs but in this case I logged in with my 2nd steam account from my own PC with the character of my daughters (never done it before since char creation).

The character was offline and from my main account I was able to see it sleeping and fully dressed with all his eqiupment, but when I logged in the server erroneously said that the char died somewhere for temperature (it was not true because it was in base) and made me log in at my bedroll location.

from the server log all the stuff was immediately categorized as “lost” at midnight of the same day but the fact happened around 11 AM :open_mouth:

here are some screenshots of the log.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. create a char on one pc (PC1) with account steam 1
  2. create a char on one other pc (PC2) with account steam 2
  3. log in for the first time from PC1 to account steam 2 and then the server makes you die of temperature effects (or at least this happened to me)

Temperature effects where buffed, many posts of people that died like that, because they logged off beside a camp fire and died, making a loot back that despawned some times after.
It isn’t safe anymore to log off with stuff on yourself, always drop in chests and log out as naked.
Check last stream, they apologized for being “heavy handed” with latest patches, comprised of the new dodge roll and inertia movement mechanic, i think and i might be wrong they intended also the temp buff.

This is not the case: the character was logged on and off many times after last patch in the same place with the same temperature conditions without any issue. this is clearly a bug while att 10.30 AM the char was there offline and fully dressed and at 11 after the log in the server reports it to have died at 23.45 the past night…

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I just tried to give suggestions, for sure I might be wrong. Was it single player, private server or official server?

yes thanks for your help it was an official server

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There’s some real weird stuff going on on officials that can’t be talked about on the forums( or the post get immediatly insta-hidden). You might have been a victim. Is your base on ground floor or elevated? Just to understand the situation.

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The base is on ground floor

could you check with repair hammer if any building piece has even a little bit of damage?

Hello @W31553, thank you for reaching out.

The server states that the first character has died to temperature changes, which means that it has definitely happened at that specific time since it is something that’s controlled by the server and saved on the server’s side, not on the client’s side. Since your second character saw the first character sleeping in its original logout place, it’s likely that that client was out of sync with the server.

Regarding the death due to temperature changes, were any possible heat sources lit or added around the time of the character’s death?


Hello the character was in the same place where we logged it out for months no heat or freeze sources nearby, please tell me if I can give any other detail or log client side to help in troubleshooting.

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