Multiple very strange things happening

Wonder if anyone else is having these issues (guessing not as there doesn’t seem to be anything here about them) and / or whether anyone can give any suggestions as to a solution?

I’m playing Single Player on a PS5. Recently the game has been running fairly smoothly, no major issues.

Until a couple of days ago. At which point a whole load of wacky stuff has started happening. Amongst other things

The game is taking a lot longer to load.

It’s frequently freezing when I try to quit (using the quit option in the menu, forcing me to close it from the opening screen.

ALL of my acquired knowledge except things purchased through the Battle Pass / BLB has gone. On screen I am showing as having spent all of my feat points but I have no knowledge, nothing other than that which comes under Ancestral Knowledge.

I don’t know sorcery any more.

All of my completed Exiles Journey steps have reset to show as uncompleted

Multiple thralls have disappeared completely (not standing where they were placed and no longer in Follower’s list), others have changed gender (I have gone into ghost mode and looked under the map for the ones that vanished, no sign of them).

My weapon (Aja’s Bane) vanished from my inventory

I’m still level 60, all of my attributes are unchanged, but in all other aspects it’s like I’m a new character. It’s specific to the Exiled Lands - my Siptah game appears to be fine.

I have NOT taken any potions that would purposely reset my feat points (and even if I had, the feat points are showing as spent so I can’t reallocate them without using admin panel to give msyelf more or scoffing lots of Fragments of Power - I actually tried that but on the next log in I was back to having no knowledge again)

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this? (I don’t have a particularly up to date save, which I know is my bad but like I said, everything had been going fine lately…)

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I’m sorry to hear about Exile single player game is the wonkyest. Can you play on line its more stable
@udxp226 . @Croms_Faithful is the only one I know who only plays offline.

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Thankyou for the summons @sestus2009. This is most unusual, and certainly among some of the worse issues I have heard. @udxp226 I am no tech expert. Even my best guess here is probably not even a very good one. It almost sounds like an issue with saving, but the losses are just to out of step, and possibly even too far back.

udxp226 how about your items stored in chests, are there any missing, and are the missing ones only recent aquisitions or things you have had for a long time? Also, if you don’t already, be sure to hit □ on your Bed or Bedroll before you log out, so that it comes up with ‘spawn point updated’, which counts as a manual save of sorts.


Hi, I’ve had all those issues and the only thing that worked for me was putting in a different game disc and loading and then saving the game. Then I went back to Conan and loaded an uncorrupted save from a thumb drive. For whatever reason it cleared those issues. Good luck. Hope it works for you.

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Thanks all for your replies and suggestions. Unfortunately things have got worse, with benches also now disappearing, along with their entire contents and placed thralls, plus other random items - transporatory stones, placeables, more thralls, etc.

I also suspected some sort of issue saving the game at some point that has ended up corrupting it. And as I don’t have a recent save to fall back on (my fault) - I don’t think there’s much I can do except call it quits on this run through and start again from scratch.

Thanks again for your replies / suggestions - much appreciated!


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