Musical Hobbies

Any other musicians out there? I played guitar in various non-memorable metal bands thru my late teens and into my early twenties until my hand was crushed in an accident. Didn’t touch a guitar again for several years after that but I eventually picked up an acoustic guitar and have been noodling around on acoustics ever since:



Excelsior! Sorry for your hand – but one such as you needs a synth. Gotye, Beck, Jem, you’d stand on the shoulders of giants.

I started playing trumpet at age 8, always wanted to play guitar and percussion. My father felt they were too uncivilized. We could not afford a violin, so I would spend time tuning my friends’ in the band room when I could. I have always enjoyed vocal arts, and from about that age participated in plays and skits, usually as choir, but occasionally as a figure, say a workhouse boy in Oliver!. Played trumpet through high school, played it in Drum & Bugle in the Marine Corps during university, and during fraternity skits and plays. Always kept practicing everything else. Fast forward, same level of progression, adding keyboards…

As soon as I could afford a good computer, I invested in Ableton and some old-fashioned Korg emulators. To balance out the synthetics, I’m getting back into Rocksmith with an acoustic this time. I also create synth licks and samples with my library of real instruments, to sample into my creations and synth beats. This is an absolutely amazing time to live!

My favorite musical instrument right now is a melodica. I also have a wonderful accordion for which I am attempting to learn the Russian song Nikogo ne zhalko. Other than that, I just make songs and tunes. Gives me a good place to put my irregular poems. :smiley:

Very impressive, @Barnes!

I’ve actually been contemplating getting a Hurdy Gurdy recently. :smiley:

Awesome. When my wife and I saw Beck in LA, he played The New Pollution accompanied by a hurdy gurdy. Black stage, two 1930s tweenies and one spotlight. Really cool.