My body disappeard with all my property immediately after death on the ground. no i didnt fall through the floor of my base and into lava this time, thats a different post

pc/ official server
bodys are still disappearing
in the cold area near the temple of frost

so how that hotfix coming? just wondering when ill be able to enjoy the game without living in fear of losing everything ive built to random bugs. seems like theres always been some game breaking impossible to ignore issue w this game.

Edit: i died again while making this post and respawned in the foundation under this bed… just take this beautiful garbage down and fix it, stop insulting your customers with this trash

guys this is getting to be unplayable

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Ive lost so much stuff over this like 10 min ago. Tried to build an outpost in frozen north. The garbage code decided that i cant. This game will never ever be good. Ive been defending it since EA, but apparently it is time for me eyes to be open. This game will never ever be any good.

it really seems to get worse with every patch, im serious take the game down apologize to your customers and fix it then re release it.

Same isue here on Official Server EU, respwning/login under foundations, it seams that my only optios is to die and lose every thing I’m carring or demolish foundations to get out which is destroy half of my base. So I’m not playing. URGENT TO FIX.

This can be such a great showcase of a false advertising lawsuit for all those greedy lazy incompetent “devs” out there. Should collectively start one.