My game crashes after loading screen : read/write operation

Game mode: [Online and Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Europe]

I have a problem with my game,
when i start the game conan exile it starts up normally.
Than i try to join a server or play alone : i go in the loading screen , the game closes and this message pops up : ConanSanbox.exe - application error
The construction on 0x8a31d8e2 redirects to memory on 0x00000038. A read- or write operation on the memory has failed : read.
I have seen some people have this issue also and try’d alot of things,
all my things are up to date i have direct x 11 ,…
can someone help me or has the same issue and knows how to bypass it?

I thought Id try to help by looking up the error code, seems you’re the only one in the WORLD to have this error :-/

ye i found that out 2 i have a frend and we been looking this all over all of my pc info if its good enough to run the game and it all seems fine there is one thing when i click the option play conan exile without the battleeye program the game also closes after loading screen but just saying conansandbox.exe doesnt work anymore.
i also try’d the verify integrity of game file’s all seemed fine there also.

Im pretty much out of options so im hoping someone knows what to do or what the problem is.

I had this issue since yesterday so i think it had more than 10/15 minutes of rest :wink: .

My gut feeling too is that it might be a RAM issue. Do all your ram cards report the correct size? Are you able to run a memory checker in your bios tools?

I have also seen read/write issues in a hard drive cause software to crash like this.

Give your hardware a good test with some tools to rule out anything iffy.
How well does it play other games?

At this stage, it could be caused by 100 different things.

this is the closest i have found to my problem but nothing in there works for me.

my pc can handle world of warcrat , league of legends , rocket league, dying light , tera. so id be surprised if it cant run this game.

Increase Virtual Memory - was the comment I’ve seen a couple of times. How much ram do you have, and how full is the hard drive (C probably) which has your page file in? (if default, windows will manage this anyway unless the drive is full)

Definitely sounds like a memory issue. Run the tests that Pit suggested. Also open up the case and see if you have any dust growing in there. I’ve seen lots of issues with the power supply or mem modules being dusty. A can of compressed air can fix it as long as any major damage has already been done.

can you link the page for the tests u talking about?

Well there’s your problem. There is some weird lettering where it should be in english.


haha good one it dutch :stuck_out_tongue:

so you have to burn this on a disc or flash drive if im correct?

No just follow the steps outlined. This is included with windows

i cant put any more posts so ill edits my recent posts ,
think the only thing i can do now is reboot my whole pc.

Well crud. Did you open the case and look for dust?

I shouldn’t have said “well crud” because it’s good that your mem isn’t fried. Just bad that we aren’t solving your problem

i have checked everything nothing wrong , i rebooted my whole pc to initial backup still the message pops up.