Conan exile crash on loading screen memory read/write problem

I have a problem with my game,
when i start the game conan exile it starts up normally.
Than i try to join a server or play alone : i go in the loading screen , the game closes and this message pops up : ConanSanbox.exe - application error
The construction on 0x8a31d8e2 redirects to memory on 0x00000038. A read- or write operation on the memory has failed : read.
I have seen some people have this issue also and try’d alot of things,
all my things are up to date i have direct x 11 ,…
can someone help me or has the same issue and know hows to bypass it?

I had this too. If you’re using steam right click on the game in your steam library, go to properties, local files, and select verify integrity of game files. Takes 10-15 minutes, but it’ll find and reinstall the corrupted file.

I have try’d that already.
re’installed the game already like 3-4 times also.

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