My mighty Hyena pet disappeared after Log-In

Hey everyone,
I logged out yesterday in my craft hall, while my pet (mighty Hyena) was following me and standing in the hall as well. Today, I logged in and I can’t find him anywhere. What do I get it back?


Check the event log and see if it has returned home. Home is the last guarding position you placed the pet at.

Hey Narelle,
No, He is not mentioned in the log (at all).

even when you increase the distance and select the thrall/pet option?

OK with the right filter I found something. One entry that he came back 2019.05.20 at 11.31.54 but he isn’t here. Like I said, I logged out in my craft hall and he was also there, so I supose it’s some stupid bug… -.-

Let me explain again.The way it works:

  1. Log off with a thrall/pet following.
  2. Thrall goes into scouting mode.
  3. After a couple of minutes the thrall returns home (the last guarding position it was placed).

Referring to your issue, the pet has returned to the spot you left it to guard. When you log off, it goes back to that spot. It doesn’t stay with you unless you put it to guard the spot where you log off.

Narelle’s explanation is simple and exactly what happens to me.

It’s a feature that lets you define where your pet will be after you log off or die.

When you say ‘he came back’ you actually read ‘returned home’. Return to the last spot you put him in guard.



Narelle was right, he came back to my old castle in the start region. Found him stying at the gate :rofl:#
Thank you guys! Case closed^^

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