My saves are lost

My whole daily work was lost and i dont know why.
I play on PC, with EpicGameLauncher (my account name is: PercyTiger) .
I saved the game about at 18:30 now i returned about at 21:50 and my save(S) are lost. It loads where i started in the morning

Please help me how to fix it or get back my load


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Hi there my saves were also lost so you are not the only one :slight_smile:

Hope they will fix it as soon as possible.

Hello @PercyTiger and @lukc93, welcome to the forum!

@PercyTiger can you please confirm if Enable Cloud Save is toggled On and if you only play in the same computer?

@lukc93 if the issue occured in the Epic Store version of the game, could you please confirm the above as well?

Same here, all last nights play lost as it seems, enable cloud save is toggled ON.

I am playing on EPIC launcher on two computers,

  • played on computer 1
  • cloud saves transfer worked to computer 2
  • played on computer 2 for some hours,
  • back on computer 1, saves was not transfered so I did not play (latest saves seemed to be on comp 2)
  • over to computer 2, epic launcher says there is a conflict, since the local files should be the latest ones (since comp 1 files were old) i transfer the comp 2 files to the cloud.
    *running game on comp 2, all progress made on that computer lost. and so on comp 1.

love the game, but not sure if I dare to progress more before this is flagged as fixed :worried:

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This morning the cloud noticed a mismatch on load and asked me to update files or ignore it. Have you reloaded the launcher or game since you noticed this problem?

Same on my PS4. The last two patch didn’t resolve my problem.


So I got to play Mutant Year Zero last week when I downloaded the game from the Epic Games store and I have the same problem. I contacted Epic Games and they told me to come to you.

So I was casually playing my game last week and at 6pm I did my last save, almost right after the autosave. I opened the game again at like 11 pm and played for at least 3 hours and before I closed it, I made sure to save multiple times. The next day, after I logged in, I saw that I only had the saves and autosave from 6pm of the previous day and I dont know how to get my progress back.

  • No I did not log in from another computer
  • Yes Enable Cloud Save was toggled on the whole time but I dont get how this helps if I didnt log in from another pc

Thank you in advance

Just downloaded and started playing in the last hour, decided to log off and move to a computer that could actually run the game, only to find my save data missing.
Playing through Epic Games Launcher, enable cloud save is toggled on, and after syncing my data is now gone. Can’t be found on either computer. I was only in the intro so I don’t mind doing that again, but if my progress is going to disappear after every session I don’t want to start another save file.

Same issue here! And it´s the second time this happens… what can we do?

Hey there, the issue is still being looked into as we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on our end or find a reliable repro case, no workarounds have been reported so far although we’d suggest turning Cloud Saves off in the meantime.

Thank you very much for the help. I think I had played around 5 hours and I’m not really in the mood to do that all over again to be honest. The question is: Can we somehow get our saves back or we should start over?

As the issue is still being investigated, we can’t be entirely sure if the saves lost through it are recoverable or not just yet. We’ll share any developments as soon as we have them, apologies for the situation.


The team has been in touch with Epic in regards to this matter as it seems that the issue stems from limited Cloud space, which has been increased to prevent this issue to occur.

Regarding the PS4 savegame issue, this was due to save corruption and should be addressed in a hotfix that will be arriving soon!

I can totally understand this and thank you so much for the help! The reallity though is that the saves that were lost are actually lost for ever aren’t they? I haven’t been playing the game yet because I want to see if I could continue from where I stopped

Thank you neverthetheless

Regarding the PS4, it’s likely that the corrupt saves are lost unless there is a cloud backup with “unspoiled” saves, however, the fix will ensure that this issue no longer occurs.

Not entirely sure in regards to the Epic Store issue itself as it was addressed through a change on their end, which should hopefully prevent further occurrences.

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